Information vs Knowledge - What's the difference?

Updated: Apr 7

Fact - your skin does not care what it looks like. The primary goal of your skin is to protect. Quite often, many of us fall into marketing hype, following the latest skincare trends in the quest for perfect skin. We seek quick fixes and want overnight results to allieviate our skin concerns. We read about a new amazing ingredient and think we need it in our skin routine.

We're living in a world with an awful lot of information but not necessarily a lot of knowledge. Quite often, what we read online isn't backed up by science.

In our quest for skin health we can end up being incredibly counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve.

Often, we end up loosing homeostasis (balance) within the skin, and can cause more problems than what we began with by choosing one size fits all skincare to apply to our self diagnosed skin condition. Unfortunately, we often misdiagnose and are applying unecessary ingredients to our skin. The result can be stressed out skin that's sensitised or breaking out when we didn't have those concerns to begin with.

What we do at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic is to help translate all that information out there into knowledge, cutting through the marketing hype. We want to empower clients to make informed decisions about their skincare and relate concerns to a cellular level. We work with clients to uncover and treat the causes of their skin concerns as opposed to merely treating the symptoms.

It's a new approach round here, but a necessary one.

Looking forward to helping you with your skin concerns soon.

Catherine, RSC

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